SVN Whitecap

SVN Whitecap® is a nationally-linked brokerage and leasing services company with a primary market area focus of Western Washington state, including Seattle, Bellevue, Everett and Tacoma. With a multi-specialty team of real estate Advisors, SVN Whitecap® serves a growing, dynamic market of over 5.0 million in population regarded as one of the country’s top real estate markets.

SVN Whitecap® is unique in its breadth and structure. With affiliated SVN offices throughout the United States and abroad, SVN Whitecap® offers clients the breadth of exposure they would experience with the biggest corporate firms but with the nimbleness that comes from being an independently-owned company led by two individuals regarded as two of the top professionals in their field.

There’s another big difference as well…

Other real estate firms talk about cooperation with brokers and principals, but we live it. SVN Whitecap® presents all listings to a national and international platform of buyer and buyer’s brokers immediately upon securing a listing. Properties are not ‘shopped’ internally or pocketed within the firm. Our platform of cooperation is unique and draws buyers and their representatives to our product. That drives up interest, which drives up value and secures a higher price.


Those of us in the commercial real estate business know what cooperation means. That means we have to give up half of our listing commission to another agent from another firm. Its human nature to want to keep the whole commission, though. Often, that means client’s interests are not served. Brokers tend to lean toward pocket listings, or shopping a listing within their own book of buyers or tenants, etc. Some firms openly encourage double ending where at least the seller and buyer are represented by the same firm. The 1,000+ SVN advisors all sign contracts that puts the clients’ interest first and requires that every listing is immediately presented to the entire market. This has the effect of making our listings very appealing to represented buyers or tenants, but also to principals. Never are SVN listings assumed to have been shopped internally or only presented on the broader market after other internal methods or double ending efforts have been exhausted. Indeed, this contractual commitment is unique in the industry and is creating a multiple listing equivalent for SVN offerings in the commercial real estate industry . This is real, too. Other firms may talk about cooperation, but we live it. The numbers bear it out. Over 70% of the time, a participating broker is involved in a SVN transaction. The average for all other firms? Less than 30%. The good news is that while we do share fees, we win more listings. Plain and simple. Clients get it when they become educated on this flaw in the commercial real estate business and are drawn to us when the learn that we make contractual promises that, effectively, have us putting half of our fee in the open market as an incentive to get other brokers have their buyers and tenants looking at our offerings. That additional exposure is part of the reason why we have seen our volumes nearly triple in just the past year.


This term gets used a lot in many settings. What creates a culture is enough critical mass of people of common values that the values become the norm and the group can consistently be relied upon to behave a certain way of doing things. SVN has been very careful to only grow by adding Advisors and firms who embrace our cooperation platform, placing client’s interests first, adopt the use of technology tools, and are committed specialists to their profession. Indeed, the average level of education, experience, and professional designations (i.e. CCIM, SIOR, etc. ) with SVN advisors throughout the U.S. and abroad is well above the average in the industry.

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